Scientific Writing and Editing

I provide writing and editing services for scientists in Industry and Academia who wish to improve the quality of their written work. I work closely with my clients to produce a readable and engaging manuscript that best presents their research and ideas. I can participate in any step in the writing process, including creating an outline, structuring and drafting the manuscript, consulting on figures and tables, final language edits, and formatting. I have worked with scientists from a wide range of scientific disciplines, from computational chemistry and materials science to medicine and pharmaceutical business practices. I also have experience translating the information in scientific papers, patents, and grants into marketing materials and press releases.

Services Include:

  • Manuscript editing
  • Manuscript writing
  • Grant application editing
  • Full and draft grant application writing
  • Website content population
  • Press Releases

Contact me for rates or further information. Discounts available for academic researchers and non-profit organizations.

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